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2018 (Concept)
London, UK

EDEN is a service and a social space for the world in 2038. In 2038, human beings only eat pills to support their life instead of solid meals in order to pursue a more efficient and more convenient lifestyle. It can also save the space for agriculture and cooking, and reduce food waste. However, people are losing the sense of taste during the evolution because of the lack of use. They also lose the opportunity to communicate and build relationship at mealtimes. Therefore, EDEN is created to reverse the situation. As the participants talk to a companion or future connection, the sensory ink on their faces will begin to charge with electricity which will stimulate their taste. Once they have conversed with their partners, they can go ahead and forage for the flavor pods that are hidden in the foliage. Suck, bite, crunch and melt the pods, savor the taste sensations. Welcome to EDEN.

Co-designer : Jessica Riley, Natalie Kerres, Xinru Xie 

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