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Heart Maker

2019 (Realized)
London, UK

Heart Maker is an experiment about how human emotions would and could be affected by machines. Can we really control our emotions? Can we control other people's emotions? When the users hold each other's hands, the machine will detect the pulses and show the heartbeats. When both of the user's heart rate exceed the normal number, which means they are excited than normal, the machine will draw a heart for them. Hearts will only be made when the two users work together. But how about when one of them doesn't want to? Can you keep yourself calm in this situation when you see the other one is trying hard to make a heart?

Adviser : Arthur CarabottGuillaume Couche

Heart Maker_00_螢幕截圖 2020-01-14 22.17.38.
Heart Maker: Bio
Heart Maker: Video Player
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