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Living Twist

2020 (In progress)
New York, US

Living Twist is an environmentally friendly canal wall along the Gowanus Canal that aims to improve biodiversity and water quality in the area. Each unit is made from oyster shell concrete that has continuous water purification capacity. The grounded oyster shell powder in the material will send out a signal to attract oysters to come and colonize our artificial canal wall. The streamlined design with porous structure allows water to flow through,  and the rough surface provides an ideal habitat for oysters and other marine life. Between the tops of the modules, there are biofilm covers the plant roots, which help grow aquatic plants along the canal. Aquatic plants thrive in contaminated soils, absorbing and therefore reducing the level of toxic accumulation.

Co-designer : Yaohan Gu
Collaboration : Department of Mathematics and Science, Pratt Institute (New York, US)

Living Twist: Bio
Living Twist: Work
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