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2019 (Concept)
Tokyo, Japan

UDeal is a service and platform for selling second-hand stuff aiming at international students. Because international students have the time pressure on selling stuff before leaving, and it is also challenging for new international students to find suitable stuff just for a short period of time at a reasonable price, UDeal is created to reduce the difficulties and the risk, and what is more, to create a more sustainable society. Currently, oversea students mainly use social media such as Facebook for selling and buying second-hand stuff, however, those platforms are not efficient and safe. UDeal establishes
a new business model and commits to providing overseas students
with a more convenient and safer second-hand transaction service.

Co-designer : Arthur Chen, Weijie Wang, Yaohan Gu
Adviser : Paris de l'EtrazNaoya Karita

UDeal_00_WeChat 圖片_20190529215520.jpg
UDeal: Bio
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